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We have done it all...
There is nothing more synergistic than gathering a community of people together to enjoy a spectacular fireworks show.  Having been born and raised here in Alaska we've had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout our state and understand the unique qualities of each community and group we work with.

Weddings and Civil Ceremonies
  • Our product presence is designed to enhance the atmosphere you've created whether it's elegance and grandeur, a romantic surprise, or joyous celebration.  
  • Our designs range from an indoor or outdoor grand entrance to a full aerial display.
  • Items to consider when planning a fireworks display.

Corporate Events
  • Image is everything and the bottom-line is a priority, which is why our mission in Corporate event design is to provide you with the highest quality show for your price-point.
  • Our designs include simple announcement or conclusion cues to full aerial displays from the ground or roof.   
  • Items to consider when planning a fireworks display.

Public and Private Events

  • Our experience working with committees, civil servants, and individuals  has conveyed the importance of realizing a high quality spectacular display while adhering to time and budget constraints. 
  • Our design scope includes special effects for indoor displays to large public New Year and 4th of July shows.
  • Items to consider when planning a fireworks display.