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Items to consider when planning a fireworks display...

  • Set a budget: typically you would privide a budget, request a quote from several vendors, and determine the best value for your price-point.

  • Timeline: for larger aerial shows plan at least 3-4 months in advance, excluding the time to bid out the show, 6-9 months is preferable. 

  • Location and length of show desired: technology and product reliability allow for greater options of location and more accurate timing including indoor close-proximity, outdoor displays, or multiple locations being shot at once. 

  • Evaluating quotes: a great vendor will have incorporated your needs and desires in their quote. A common misconception is that the best quote has the most shells. Notable elements of a quote include: size of shells, type (variety) of shells, choreography, and other special effects.

  • Know your vendor: all vendors should provide you with an expirenced and licensed (in the State of Alaska) pyrotechnic operator, kwowlegable staff, proof of insurance, .